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Juste un merci
Chernyshova / posté le 2006-04-19 15:33:11

Bonjour cher Daniel! Hope you wouldn't mind my English. I'm your Russian fan and I want to share somehing special with you. The thing is, I love francophone music and I've been studying French on my own for quite a while. I have a lot of listening practice (In fact, your songs are much more interesting to listen to than language audio courses), but there is practically no one to speak French with. But a couple of days ago my friend invited me to her new neighbours' house (they are two French guys currently working in Russia). We talked for a while and then they said, to my surprise, "Tu as un accent étrange... Québecois, peut-être?" I was (and still am) a bit shocked... Well, now those guys know more about la musique Québecoise and Daniel Boucher in particular. :) Daniel, I want to THANK YOU for helping me to make my dream, that is, learning French, come true. Your songs are very interesting to listen to, not only because of the music but because of the ideas presented in them as well. I admire your talent of a poet and a singer. So, I wish you good luck in accomplishing all your goals, and hope to see you, hear you and talk to you some day... In Russia! (We're really waiting for you here!:)